The Housing Crisis and the Vancouver Subway Fight

The right way to stop the UBC subway from being built is to demand governments act to end the Housing Crisis.


UBC TODAY | UBC + SUBWAY (LNV Webbimage, 2019)

Fifty-two years ago Council Meetings in Vancouver were loud and raucous affairs as people poured into Council Chamber to protest building a Freeway tearing into the heart of the city. Fifty-two years later a new fight is brewing. The city that once opposed a freeway must rise up to reject the UBC subway. The people must demand that politicians—up and down the Fraser Valley—fold transportation infrastructure spending into a plan to end the Housing Crisis.

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Translink ‘good’ urbanism

Translink CEO Kevin Desmond [photo Paul McGrath, North Shore News]

Reported this week, Translink is pitching a B-Line for the North Shore linking Park Royal shopping centre near the Lions Gate Bridge with the Phibbs bus exchange near the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge (at Second Narrows). Our analysis points to this service is a key component of a Total Transit Network (TTN) for the Lower Mainland, and a critical element in a Regional Strategy to end the Housing Crisis.

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Trump Shutdown

Trump is Cleaning up Washington. General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis resigned as Secretary of Defence over the US troops withdrawal from Syria just as Congress rejected a $5 Billion price tag for the ‘Mexican Wall.’ 


Of course, this is not the popular view out there. Most certainly not in the right-left media divide recycling entrenched patterns of thinking. 

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TBL: The BLUE Line

Special Offer: Connect North Vancouver, Burrard Street, Arbutus ROW, Westminster Hwy, Surrey, Cloverdale, the Langleys, Abbotsford, Sumas and Chilliwack at a great savings over Skytrain.

Vancouver and Surrey Mayors—just elected—propose to spend $8.7 Billion to run 12 km of Skytrain to UBC (in a subway tunnel) and 18 km of Skytrain to Langley (overhead in viaducts). According to recent estimates, the subway will cost 6.3-times more than the elevated rail. That seems like the old way of doing business. The Blue Line offers to deliver 160 km of Modern Tram service for $8 Billion connecting North Vancouver with Chilliwack, and UBC with VCC. In addition, there are connections to the Canada Line (2), Millennium Line (1) and Expo Line (2). Addressing the Housing Crisis, the Blue Line builds a corridor to house a half-million people in affordable houses priced between $200,000 and $350,000 located near the tram stops.

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