My 2-cents on Climate Change, ‘Smart’ Cities and Global Warming

Show Me the Money (‘stupid’)


2 pennies

US PENNY (1943)

It’s a Bizarro World… It is the third week in May and it’s raining in Santa Barbara—VERY Vancouver. The day before at the Mount Shasta Tesla Superchargers I met a Tesla owner reporting he’s paying 1.8 cents per mile in fuel costs. The one-cent coin is no longer legal tender in Canada, distance is measured in kilometres and volume in litres… But the penny still dropped for me—driving a gas car in California costs 10¢ a mile. Driving a Tesla costs 5-times less than that!

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The Whack-A-Mole Money Laundering Game and the Housing Crisis

It is high time all levels of government acted in concert to protect land values for all Canadians.

BC Finance Minister Carole James and Attorney General David Eby announce government action against money laundering [CBC News photo]

Releasing a government report that states that over CAD $7.4 Billion in money laundering is expected to have taken place in BC last year,  the Attorney General and the Finance Minster made news yesterday with their revelation of illegal monetary practices going unchecked in the province. Yet, they failed to announce a solution to runaway housing prices in British Columbia. With two-thirds or $5 Billion of the illicit cash changing hands in real estate, the report estimates the illegal transactions drove BC housing prices up 5% province wide.

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The Vancouver Subway Fight and the Housing Crisis

The right way to stop the UBC subway from being built is to demand governments act to end the Housing Crisis.

UBC TODAY | UBC + SUBWAY (LNV Webbimage, 2019)

Fifty-two years ago Council Meetings in Vancouver were loud and raucous affairs as people poured into Council Chamber to protest building a Freeway tearing into the heart of the city. Fifty-two years later a new fight is brewing. The city that once opposed a freeway must rise up to reject the UBC subway. The people must demand that politicians—up and down the Fraser Valley—fold transportation infrastructure spending into a plan to end the Housing Crisis.

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Translink ‘good’ urbanism

Translink CEO Kevin Desmond [photo Paul McGrath, North Shore News]

Reported this week, Translink is pitching a B-Line for the North Shore linking Park Royal shopping centre near the Lions Gate Bridge with the Phibbs bus exchange near the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge (at Second Narrows). Our analysis points to this service is a key component of a Total Transit Network (TTN) for the Lower Mainland, and a critical element in a Regional Strategy to end the Housing Crisis.

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Trump Shutdown

Trump is Cleaning up Washington. General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis resigned as Secretary of Defence over the US troops withdrawal from Syria just as Congress rejected a $5 Billion price tag for the ‘Mexican Wall.’ 


Of course, this is not the popular view out there. Most certainly not in the right-left media divide recycling entrenched patterns of thinking. 

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