A walking tour of Rome

The best way to get to know Rome, and to understand the ‘meaning’ of urbanism is to go for a walk. Now, Rome presents itself to the visitor as a riddle inside an enigma, so the first order of business is to have a plan. Look here in the next few days for a tour that links together the following sites:

  1. Trevi Fountain
  2. Piazza Pietra
  3. The Pantheon
  4. Piazza Minerva & Sta. Maria Sopra Minerva
  5. Piazza Navona
  6. Campo dei Fiori
  7. Piazza Farnese
  8. The Mascherone
  9. Ponte Sisto
  10. Trastavere
  11. Sta. Maria in Trastevere
  12. Bramante’s Tempietto
Walking this route will create a kind of urban spine for your visit in the Eternal City. And you will find that you can easily navigate around the ancient center without getting lost by relating places back to this spine. Get the tour notes here (ask your hotel to print them for you).

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