North Korean Military Wearing Funny Hats

‘Rocketman’ continues to play the part of Beijing’s Bad Boy.

Two years to the date when North Korea tested an ICBM that could reach all civilian and military targets in the continental United States, Kim fired two short-range ballistic missiles from its east coast. Japan reported the missiles traveled 250 miles reaching altitudes of as much as 60 miles. Since May, North Korea has fired about two dozen short-range ballistic missiles.

North Korea is threatening to walk away from nuclear talks unless Trump offers up concessions by year’s end. “Kim considers Trump as his political hostage and sees himself in a position to dictate the terms of the deal by demonstrating his capability to influence Trump’s chances for re-election,” said Chun Yungwoo, chief envoy from South Korea in the international disarmament talks.

Trump has dubbed Kim ‘Rocketman.’ Reports about Kim hurting Trump’s re-election chances are over the top. Trump has made a fool of the North Korean dictator.

Meanwhile, international sanctions are chocking Communist North Korea. Trump is on record saying that North Korea can only get rewards when it completely gives up nuclear arms. Pyongyang sees this option as political suicide. One way or another, North Korea is coming down.

The days for ‘Rocketman’ are counted. This side-battle by the US Administration may yet prove fruitful. It may reveal the right way to handle this latest brand of Communism rising in China and North Korea.

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