The West Coast Charrette

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland called the post-Covid recovery ‘Our Moment to Change the Future for the Better.’ The West Coast Charrette explores 4 shelf-ready actions that will transform Canada’s metropolitan regions.

West Coast Charrette Report 

Fourteen professionals, educators, community activists and editors contributed to this response to rising house prices, and the Covid shut-down of the economy.

 THE WEST COAST CHARRETTE shapes a robust supply response, for ending Housing Crises, plus correcting problems of social inequity, environmental degradation, traffic congestion and ‘bad’ urbanism.

THE WEST COAST CHARRETTE presents Four Tools for  triggering a locally driven affordable market supply response, combined with senior government investment in transportation and infrastructure.

THE WEST COAST CHARRETTE toolkit can apply nation-wide, in the Prairies, the Great Lakes and the Maritimes. The approach can prove assertive in communities across North America.

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