Germany Reduces GHGs by 30% But the People Still Want More

Greens and Climate Change activists have it all wrong in Germany, where government will convene a high-level session promising a further 30% reduction in GHGs


“The automotive industry makes money by destroying the environment,” Marion Tiemann, a transport expert at Greenpeace and one of the event’s organizers, said at the protest. “We’re in the midst of a climate crisis.”

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Aramco Hit as Gulf Tensions Heighten

With the IPO for Aramco due later this year, a drone strike on its second largest facility sets the stage for the unravelling of the Petro Dollar on the International stage. A humanitarian crisis has beset Yemen since the 2015 Saudi-influenced civil war.


Ten drones delivered missiles to the second largest oil processing site in Saudi Arabia. Houthi rebels from Yemen, backed by Iran, took responsibility. Saudi Arabia produces about 1/10th of the world oil supply. However, the ruling family is readying to divest itself of Aramco (Saudi Arabian Oil Co.) with a initial public offering later this year.

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Hong Kong Demands 民主—Democracy

STORMTROOPERS  (Bloomberg Photo)

UPDATE 15 SEPTEMBER: Political turmoil engulfing this global financial center showed no signs of abating as tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators marched Sunday in defiance of a police ban, with many venting their anger at Beijing just two weeks before China celebrates the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic.

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Xi Strikes Back

On Friday 23 August Xi hit back. China announced retaliatory tariffs on the US threat to impose 30% import fees on goods Made in China. ‘

Fred Dufour | AFP | Getty Images


Even before Trump signed into law the legislation giving overt support to protests in Hong Kong yesterday, it had become clear that China was “Out of Ammo”. The most feared retaliation, that Beijing would sell its holdings of US Treasuries sending the dollar spinning, has been proven a fallacy. China sold 25% of its US reserves in 2019 without appreciable disruptions in the US economy. The halt of buying soy beans from US farmers has hurt. However, farming safeguards already in place appear to be holding. Finally, the threat to halt export of the so-called rare earth minerals is something Australia has already bested by going shopping somewhere else—Canadian miners take note.

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Trump Nails China

In a masterful strike, Trump took ‘The Art of the Deal’ international. Unable to regulate international corporations, he did the next best thing.

TRUMP: THE ART OF A DEAL WITH XI. Photographer: Nicolas Asfouri/AFP Getty Images

Tariffs and free trade agreements are Trump’s way of projecting the power of government over corporations that are American in name, but operate internationally to avoid US taxes. To close the loophole Trump will slap tariffs on goods designed in the USA, but made in China. As a sidebar he gets leverage over his #1 rival, China’s president Xi.

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Not Any One Province or Pipeline, All Canadians Should Put the Interests of the Oil Industry First

In an open letter in over 30 Canadian Newspapers today, an oil industry PR executive argues for privileging 20th century solutions

Suncor Energy oil sands project near Fort McMurray, Alberta, 13 June 2017 (Photo: Larry MacDougal/AP)

Oil from Alberta’s Tar Sands will be worth as much as the sands that hold it, making it difficult to get the oil to market at a competitive price. That day is not far in the offing. Rather than increase pipe-line capacity, lets focus on dropping demand. How many electric cars do we need to get on the road to match the throughput of a pipeline reaching the Burrard Inlet, the home of more than 1 million Canadians? Damian Newman, president of an oil industry public relations firm, fails to factor this calculus in his open letter to all Canadians.

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Hong Kong: Fighting in the Streets, Troops Massing on the Border, Airport Swarmed by Protesters

28 July 2019—China’s woes multiply as demonstrations in the streets of the Hong Kong ‘special zone’ continue for 8 weeks in a row. In the former British Colony residents have grown uneasy that the Communist government in Beijing will reneg on their promises of freedom and human rights for Hong Kong citizens.


In what began as demonstrations to stop an extradition bill, concerns have now seen as engulfing the core ‘one country, two systems’ rule that will see Hong Kong joining China in 2047 without ‘special concessions.’ People of Hong Kong have taken to the streets to protest the sky-high housing prices and to make a show for free & elected government.

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Translink Rejects Fraser Valley Interurban as a Replacement for Skytrain… But, What Do the Numbers Say?

With house prices hovering 13x over median household incomes in Vancouver, what do Modern Tram systems offer that Skytrain cannot deliver? In just two words—Affordable Housing!!


In a report (see page 12 in the linked agenda document) presented at  Translink Mayors Council, June 2019, Translink summarily rejected the South Fraser Community Rail’s carefully wrought proposal for returning Interurban passenger service to the Fraser Valley. The report sees it as:

One of many ideas that will be included as part of Transport 2050 [review].

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My 2-cents on Climate Change, ‘Smart’ Cities and Global Warming

Show Me the Money (‘stupid’)

2 pennies

US PENNY (1943)

It’s a Bizarro World… It is the third week in May and it’s raining in Santa Barbara—VERY Vancouver. The day before at the Mount Shasta Tesla Superchargers I met a Tesla owner reporting he’s paying 1.8 cents per mile in fuel costs. The one-cent coin is no longer legal tender in Canada, where distance is measured in kilometres and volume in litres… But the penny still dropped for this Canadian—driving a gas car in California costs 10¢ a mile. Driving a Tesla costs 5-times less than that!

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The Whack-A-Mole Money Laundering Game and the Housing Crisis

It is high time all levels of government acted in concert to protect land values for all Canadians.

BC Finance Minister Carole James and Attorney General David Eby announce government action against money laundering [CBC News photo]

Releasing a government report that states that over CAD $7.4 Billion in money laundering is expected to have taken place in BC last year,  the Attorney General and the Finance Minster made news yesterday with their revelation of illegal monetary practices going unchecked in the province. Yet, they failed to announce a solution to runaway housing prices in British Columbia. With two-thirds or $5 Billion of the illicit cash changing hands in real estate, the report estimates the illegal transactions drove BC housing prices up 5% province wide.

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