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Mount Pleasant Square & Flat Iron Building (Proposal)

Panama Canal Era Urbanism: The Flat Iron Building and the Urban Room

14 months after Vancouver City Council approved the 2010 Mount Pleasant Community Plan, a hearing was held to re-zone a key site in the neighbourhood to 5.5 FSR (floor space ratio). Neighbours who had participated in the planning process were joined by other citizens and professionals to decry the recommendation to move beyond the mandated 3.0 FSR. In order to illustrate the 3.0 FSR opportunity, and working in consultation with members from the Resident’s Association of Mount Pleasant, we developed a scheme in keeping with local traditions dating to 1913. Read more.




Panama Canal Era in Vancouver

Are not the parallels with the past century remarkable? While World War does not appear eminent, it is doubtful that one hundred years ago the political meltdown that ensued in the west was on the (not yet discovered) radar screen. Read more.


Vancovuer NOT-TOD

Walking near Joyce Station, Vancouver (Google Images 2012)


Skytrain is being used as the preferred technology for transit in our region. Yet, as this Google view shows, significant issues in urban design present today when we add density within easy walking distance of elevated transit. The challenge we face is combining transit planning with community planning. Typically, this is done under the rubric of an urban design plan. Read More.