Video Talks

Stefanos Polyzoides: Courtyard Houses

Lecture given at the Art Room, CNU 23: July 30, 2015.

Charles Marohn on the economics of incremental development

Lecture given at CNU 21: 1 June 2013, in Salt Lake City.


Leon Krier at the Polytechnic University in Madrid

Circulo de Conferencias del Premio Rafael Manzano (20 mar 2013, in English)


Rem Koolhaus: Interaction of Art & Architecture — 20 years

Lecture given 15 March 2013. Moderna Museet, in collaboration with OMA, Stockholm Association of Architects, Oscar Properties and KTH School of Architecture.


Jahn Gehl: The People Scale (2012) On the critical interaction between people and built form.


Leon Krier: The Classical & the Vernacular

Lecture given at CNU 20: 20 may 2011, Palm Beach, Florida (starts minute 20:28).


Rafael Manzano Martos — Sevilla, Spain (2010 — in English)


Andres Duany: The Three Crisis & Agrarian Urbanism

Lecture given, 27 jul 2010 at New America Foundation. Tune in to see Andres mis-pronounce Tesla as ‘Tlesa.’ Then, predict that by 2012 it will become clear that global warming in unstoppable.

Michael Graves: Designing a better hospital room (2009, San Diego, California)

After a crushing illness in 2006 that left him paralyzed from the neck down, the American post-modern architect of renown returns to deal with the practical maters of how to do the simple, everyday things minus the motor skills we take for granted. Ever the consummate designer the artist presents on stage the qualities of human self experience that drive civilization forward one small victory at a time. This, in spite of the insults that the market economy can leave in its wake on the way to the next cool thing, the next big win fall, and all that easy money. By the way—his approach is still market savvy, profit generating, attractive and functional.

Michael Graves passed away March 12, 2015 (aged 80).

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