The Eternal City

Whether planning a visit to Rome, or simply travelling in the armchair, understanding the fundamental facts of Rome’s urbanism will make the experience more memorable. For those interested in urbanism Rome is still the place where urbanism is thick enough to cut with a knife, or a jpeg camera. Read more.


A Walk In Roma

Hollywood provides the starting point for our tour of the Eternal City in the post-WWII film, “Three Coins in the Fountain” (1954) features the Fontana Trevi.  Like so much that is Roman, the name has a specific meaning: ‘Tre Vie’ identifies that ‘three roads’ meet in this place. The fountain marks a place in this greatest of cities where one of 11 aqueducts ended, bursting its convenience for local use in a splendid fountain that dates to the Baroque century. Rome was home to 1 million inhabitants almost 2000 years ahead of the next western metropolis to reach that number, London in the late 1800s. Continue Reading.