Ukraine Invasion 2022

Past DAY 6 of aggressions, the Russian invasion of Ukraine appears mired in undefined stratagems and unspecified conclusions. No Ukrainians are standing to join Russia, while Russians refuting Putin are gaining in number.

54 years ago┬áthe 6 DAY WAR took place between the Israelis and Arabs. 35 years later the US unleashed Shock & Awe┬átaking control of Bagdad in 6 days. 8 DAYS into Putin’s invasion of Ukraine this war looks different. On the CBC radio, 28 February, a Russian journalist from Moscow set the record straight:

Putin is calling this the ‘demilitarization of Ukraine’. Russian forces will either destroy or control all military assets in Ukraine. Putin is out to prove that he is right one just point: Ukraine is being swallowed up into the NATO orbit.

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