The Queen Streetcar, Toronto

Pictured here are two stops that transfer onto the Queen Streetcar Line in Toronto, one of the city’s busiest streetcars. A few notes:

  • The stop is in the centre of the street R.O.W. For BRT/LRT this is important since stopping at the sidewalk gets into problems with parked cars, and right turns. If the streetcar runs parallel to the parked cars, then pedestrians are made to cross one lane to get from the curb to the waiting streetcar.
  • These two stops are much too narrow. The people appear in danger of falling off the median or being hit by oncoming traffic.
  • There is no street revitalization as part of the transit implementation. New rows of trees and pedestrian amenities are not visible in the two examples.

The system is performing well. We see pedestrians crossing, and bikes are in use. Traffic congestion is not in evidence. The two photos were taken from the Queen Streetcar within a mile or two distance from downtown on a weekday at 4 p.m. The city is performing less well. There is a general lack of design in the public realm to support social functioning.